International SUNday

Since 1963

The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project,, the world’s highest volume solar astronomy outreach nonprofit, invites you to participate in the original International SUNday event held every year near the Summer Solstice. While we encourage participation in any of the various events like this around the internet, this one is the only one sanctioned and sponsored by CBSAP, Lunt Solar Systems, Celestron, Skywatcher USA, Rainbow Symphony, NATCA Charitable Foundation and our various affiliates around the world.
This years event will be on June 26th and headquartered from the Dominican Republic! We will be hosting solar astronomy outreach events all over the world through our many global affiliates and Directors.
This is a day where we encourage all solar astronomers to take their gear to the streets and share what we all love so much with the community at large. Sharing of science is the absolute best way to guarantee a better future for our world and we would love for you to finally take the leap and just get out there to share the Sun!
Whether you hand out a couple pair of solar glasses, set up a small scope, use your Lunt SUNoculars to look at spots, or simply sit down with someone and tell them how cool our Nearest Star is, this is the day we want to encourage you to start!
There should be no money changing hands at any of these events as everything we do, as always, is free to everyone involved.
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